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  Returning parents can find it hard to create a résumé especially when there is a glaring ten year gap in your paid employment history. That need not be the focus.

You can create what is called a ‘functional résumé’ which highlights skills rather than organising information in a chronological order.

A functional resume highlights the job seeker's skills and abilities and puts less emphasis on actual work experience. Rather than listing specific details, you can list your responsibilities and achievements under functional heading that depict your skills & abilities. The employment history is simply listed underneath the functional areas followed by education, training and other complimentary sections.  In the employment history section you simply list your years out of the paid workforce as ‘career break’ and list the skills you have developed as a parent along with any unpaid work you have done (refer back to your list of key achievements).

  The most important thing is to not apologise for the time you had away from the paid workforce. As a parent it is often a choice you have obviously made and you should be proud of it. Don't try and hide it! There are many skills that you have developed as a parent that will be considered by prospective employers as highly valuable.  

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