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  What really matters is work life happiness, not the relentless pursuit of work life balance!  Work life happiness is personal fulfilment in whatever fashion, flavour, shape and size it comes in which inspires you.

For many working parents, striving to achieve work life balance feels like an endless Olympic race - no finishing line exists; there’s no glory or prize money; there’s no medals or accolades or cheering fans, only leering spectators passing judgment and wondering when you’ll pack it all in and go home and admit the race isn’t worth running! 

Fear not! Forget trying to find the perfect balance and focus on happiness instead. I think I’ve discovered that there might just be hundreds of ways to attain work life happiness; here’s my theory.

Work life happiness for parents is about:
Having quality child care. It’s about knowing that your child is in safe and (deleted ‘in’) loving hands while you pursue your own personal and work goals, grow and learn.
Having an understanding and loving family ready to ‘back’ and support your right to enjoy work and be a loving parent.
Having an employer willing to support and acknowledge your need for flexibility.  
Knowing that there will always be an IMBALANCE, and that’s ok. Every day is a new day and at times the demands of work and parenting will collide and one will take preference over the other, but tomorrow it is likely to change.
Having a job, business or career that you love.
Having quality time to raise your family without sacrificing yourself or your career ideals.
Being lucky and privileged to have the CHOICE to pursue your dreams whether it’s to stay at home, (deleted ‘or’) work or both.   It’s about appreciating what you have not what you don’t have.
It’s about savouring small successes like the fact that you got to work on time; that last night you child stayed in their own bed all night; or that dad agreed to take the kids to their swimming lesson on Monday morning
  Article “Out with Work Life Balance, In with Work Life Happiness” by Emma Walsh  

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