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  If you’re having trouble identifying what jobs might suit and motivate you or you would like to explore new career options the following resources may be useful.  
  Contact a career consultant  
  Not sure what type of job you want:  
  Step One: Identify what type of job you want and what motivates you. Use our Return to Work Toolkit
  Step Two: Research industries and types of roles that interest you, from step one.
  Step Three: Still not sure or just want to talk through the process? Call us!
  There are some sites which may help you with your search.  
  To identify your personal motivators and match yourself to a job that aligns with these, you may find a ‘career motivation assessment’ exercise useful. Free assessments are available on line at www. or and can take as little as 15 mins to complete – the results can be very insightful and can help to put you on the right career path.
  For ideas on new jobs and careers see the following websites:
My future is an Australian Government site that guides you through activities to help you explore your career options. You will answer questions, explore career suggestions made by myfuture, select career favourites, clarify your career direction, and then, create an action plan to help you reach your career goals.
  Job Outlook Online is an online resource containing information on the characteristics, trends and prospects for around 400 occupations. Job Outlook data can provide you with the information you need to make life changing decisions in relation to your career.
  Fabjobs offer step by step guides on how to get into a whole range of different jobs, such as ‘become a yoga teacher’, ‘learn to write children’s books’.
  O*Net this site lists thousands of occupations and provides a free description on each occupation’s activities, skills required and more.
  Temporary, freelance or contractor work can often be good alternative options to a sometimes, confining permanent job. These ‘casual’ employment options allow you the opportunity to work temporarily in different types of jobs, effectively providing you with the chance to ‘try out’ alternative jobs to see if they satisfy you! For temporary and contractor work, register with recruitment agencies that offer such employment options. This can be an ideal way to ease yourself back into the workforce and build your confidence whilst exploring your job options and determining what you’d really like to do in the future.

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