Parents@Work is partnered with mums@work to offer all our employee corporate services. The testimonials below are provided by our corporate clients.

Johnson & Johnson    
In 2007 we had feedback from a high potential employee who had been on parental leave. She was courageously open in talking about the challenges she had experienced in returning from leave - how difficult she had found it to come to the point of understanding what she wanted out of her role and her time with J&J, and how she could best work with her manager and HR to get to the right solution. She also talked about the challenges once she did come back to work, how she struggled with her identity, and how alone she felt – surely everyone else did this easily – why couldn’t she? Read more

There are a number of benefits and programs available to staff on a national basis.  Two of these programs are specifically designed to assist our staff back to work after parental leave.  They are known as the pre-parental leave workshop and the return to work workshop and are both run on site by our own KPMG Mums and Dads.  Read more

Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Supporting working parents has been a long term business priority for Mallesons. In 2002 Making Work Work Together was launched followed soon after by Making Flexible Hours Work Together providing a framework to support flexibility and working parents. Since that time the flexibility agenda has seen a significant shift away from the stereotypical working parent, to an offering that is attractive to all our staff.  Our aim was to identify a product in the market that would enable us to update and refresh our existing materials reflecting the needs of a diverse and broad workforce. Read more

State Trustees
One issue facing our business has been women returning and successfully integrating into the workforce following a period of maternity leave. State Trustees purchased both the 'Working Parents’ toolkit and the ‘Flexible Work Proposal’ toolkit from mums@work. We chose these toolkits because they could be easily customised and branded to meet our needs, while saving us time and money collating the information. We then developed an internal online ‘Keep In Touch’ program as an access point to the toolkits for all employees. Read more

BT Financial Group
BT Financial Group agreed to sponsor mums@work’s ‘Career After Kids’ 2010 seminars after two employees attended the seminar in 2009 and spoke highly of the benefits of the Seminar.  "Thank you for the awesome program. It helped me realise other mums have the same challenges, helped me lift the constraints I have been placing on myself & gave me tools to make it happen such as using positive language when negotiating flexibility, getting mentors, taking action and networking. Thanks for the kick start" Kristie Holmes| Human Resources | BT Financial Group.

SHINE LAWYERS – Case Study Supporting Working Parents
As federal politicians continue to debate the introduction of a universal paid parental leave system, national law firm Shine Lawyers has stepped up to the plate by unveiling a new parental leave program that sets an Australian benchmark for employee support. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our people such extensive support through our new Parental Support Program”, said National Human Resources Manager Lara Schliebs, “It is truly world class”.  While that’s a big claim, it’s more than backed up by the firm’s commitment to pay up to an additional 20% of an employee’s salary in childcare costs until their children reach school age.  Add to that 18 weeks of paid maternity leave, and the development of links to childcare centres throughout the country to ease the burden of finding a spot for employees’ children, and the Shine Parental Support Program certainly stacks up with the best of the best.  Read more

The Catholic Education Office implements Working Parents Toolkit
The Catholic Education Office (CEO), Diocese of Wollongong have realised the need to encourage and support parents on their parental journey and introduced a Working Parents Toolkit for CEO schools and CEO office staff. The toolkit, launched by the CEO, Diocese of Wollongong’s Head of Human Resource Service, Carolyn Hadley, is a practical guide to parental leave and returning to work and is a ‘developing sustainable workplaces’ initiative of the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Committee. Read more.


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