Parents@Work are Australia's leading provider of working parent programs for managers and employees. 

Life changes when you become a parent.

Parents@Work help employers to: Create and sustain a family friendly, flexible workplace Attract, support and retain talented parents Reduce pregnancy discrimination Promote flexibility and gender equality

We do this by offering:

  • An all-inclusive Parents@Work Program
  • A Flexibility@Work program
  • An online interactive portal
  • Career Coaching
  • Career After Kids forums
  • Return to work training
  • Parental leave resources
  • Keep in touch programs
  • Recruitment services
  • Other In-house seminars and training for working parents and managers
  • E-books, toolkits and articles
  • Links to valuable external information resources

Working Parent and Flexible Work Programs – Online portal, checklists, toolkits, training and one-to-one coaching to empower your working parents and managers.

Parents@Work Programs

Connecting parents and managers to resources
Increase loyalty in your organisation and retain your talented working parents by supporting their journey through the Parents@Work program which includes the online, interactive and all-inclusive parents@work Portal™ which is tailored and customised for your organisation...

Flexibility@Work Programs

Workplace flexibility can benefit both employees and employers when implemented correctly to meet the needs of the workplace and the employee.

Similarly to the Parents@Work program, the Flexibility program offers online access to comprehensive tools, providing all your employees access to resources, checklists and professional career coaches.

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Designed specifically to support:
expectant parents
employees on parental leave
working parents

  Simple and convenient business case Toolkit for managers and employees to openly plan, negotiate and implement a flexible work arrangement.