We've provided some tips to help organisations prepare for parental leave:  
  Talk to your employee about their pregnancy and decide how you/the employee will notify others in the team, your clients, suppliers etc of the pregnancy.
  Provide a copy of your company’s parental leave policy to your employees and confirm their rights and entitlements are to paid / unpaid leave.
  Identify any immediate job responsibilities that might need rescheduling, outsourcing or handing over to someone else due to the pregnancy.
  At least 12 weeks before the expected due date, discuss a tentative finish date.
  Invite the pregnant employee to meet to discuss the transition onto parental leave.  Plan what will need to arranged handed over.
  Plan to check in at least monthly with your employee to discuss how things are progressing and what support they may require.
  If your employee needs to gradually reduce your work commitments / hours prior to going on parental leave, discuss flexible work arrangements to meet both the business and employee’s needs.
  With your employee, confirm who will be responsible for elements of their job whilst on leave and book time in advance to train and hand-over to the relevant person(s).
  Consider providing work from home access during the employee’s pregnancy and during parental leave if you have agreeable and feasible.
  Send out a communication to all relevant colleagues and external clients a few weeks before you leave notifying them of your last day and who they can contact during your absence.
  Plan a career review with your employee prior to going on parental leave to discuss their future career goals and explore initial return to work options.
  Explore how you could structure job tasks / responsibilities to accommodate flexible work options e.g. job share, flexible start and finish times, and work from home.
  Discuss with your employee how they would like to be communicated with whilst on leave. What information would they like to be kept in the loop with and how often?

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