Family friendly initiatives and flexible work arrangements are critical to attracting and retaining top talent as well as sustaining business growth and productivity. Family friendly and flexible work arrangements are policies, tools or resources designed to support employees balance their work and family responsibilities.

For a family friendly flexible "health check" for your organisation, contact Parents@Work.

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  The case for family friendly flexible work initiatives is not just a 'working mum' issue:

“In 2008, 67% of surveyed Australian employers use flexible work arrangements as part of their retention strategy.”

“1 in 4 Australian’s surveyed in 2007 expect to be caring for an aged person and or a person with a disability in the next 5 years.” 'Taskforce On Care Costs’ 2007 report.

“It appears that that not being flexible can have a negative impact on productivity and retention as many managers realise that long hours were not necessarily associated with improved performance according to HREOC “It’s About Time” 2007 report."

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  Simple and convenient business case Toolkit for managers and employees to openly plan, negotiate and implement a flexible work arrangement.

Designed specifically to support:
expectant parents
employees on parental leave
working parents