Read the list of family friendly characteristics and compare your organisation:  
  Access to flexible working hours that include negotiable start and finish times, days of work.
  Paid parental leave and flexible parental leave in 2 x 6 month blocks.
  Ability to purchase additional leave.
  Right to request part time and job sharing opportunities.
  Offer a childcare subsidy - on-site care facility or vacation care.
  Allow employees to work core or shift hours to suit their personal and family situation.
  Provide employees with information and support to help manage pregnancy at work
  Actively provide promotional opportunities to people who work flexibly / part time post parental leave
  Provide return to work support and training for employees e.g. allow ‘phased–in’ approach to return to work.
  Actively publicise employees who successfully return to work and how they did it.
  Provide work from home and other mobile technologies to allow employee to manage own work schedule around work demands.
  Provide career mentoring and coaching during work time to retain valuable employees.
  Offer access to an employee assistance program.
  Provide employees with more annual leave than the average 4 weeks and additional carer’s leave.
  Provide unpaid ‘sabbatical’ leave to be taken during times like school holidays.
  Offer shorter, compressed working week.
  Allow parents to bring children to work in emergencies or subsidise the cost of an emergency carer.
  Provide on-site or subsidise health, wellbeing and recreational activities for employees.
  Allow employees to extend their parental leave.
  Actively promote work/life balance through company policies e.g. restricted meetings no start before 9pm or after 6pm.
  Provide Lifestyle and Community Leave – paid leave allowing staff to actively support local charities and communities.
  Have a part time or job share work register where employees can connect with other employees seeking flexible work.
  Provide or subsidise practical parenting seminars and programs.
  Provide career mentoring and coaching to support parents to manage their career post
parental leave.
  Check out our ‘Working Parents Toolkit’ and ‘Flexible Work Proposal Toolkit  
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  Simple and convenient business case Toolkit for managers and employees to openly plan, negotiate and implement a flexible work arrangement.

Designed specifically to support:
expectant parents
employees on parental leave
working parents