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  Return To Work Toolkit for Parents - $39.95  
    This interactive do it yourself Toolkit is the essential guide to going back to work. It includes over 80 pages of tips, resources and guidance to make your return to work easier.  
Reviewing your job / career options
Flexible work arrangements
Negotiating with employers
Find a new job
Resume assistance
Settling back into workplace
  Working Parents Toolkit  

by Karen Miles, Emma Walsh, Kate Sykes, Rebecca Harper

The Working Parent’s Toolkit provides companies with all the information and resources they need to successfully manage their working parents.

Designed specifically to support:
expectant parents
employees on parental leave
working parents

The Toolkit makes the transition to parenthood and return-to-work that much easier with valuable insight, legal requirements and advice from experts in the fields of career management, human resources and childcare, as well as real-world working parents.

Specifically, you can access information, planning tools and checklists on:
1. Managing Pregnancy at Work
2. Preparing for Parental Leave
3. Preparing for Baby
4. Your Time on Leave
5. Preparing to Return to Work
6. Flexible Work Arrangements
7. Managing your Career as a Working Parent
8. Childcare
9. Resources
10. FAQs

The Working Parents Toolkit is available for company bulk purchases and individual sales.


  Flexible Work Proposal Toolkit for Employers  

The Flexible Work Proposal Toolkit is a simple and convenient business case tool that enables ALL employees and managers to research, negotiate and implement a flexible work arrangement.

This Toolkit is considered a must for organisations who want to retain valued, skilled and experienced employees (not just parents) You can brand this toolkit as your own and your existing flexibility content can be integrated to suit your organisation's needs. It provides practical advice and tools to:

Plan and implement a flexible work arrangement
Help your employees submit a proposal using the Flexible Work Proposal template
Assess a flexible work arrangement
Decide on an appropriate flexible work arrangement
Communicate a new flexible work arrangement to the team

Be prepared for flexible work requests and meet your obligations under the new National Employment Standards 'Right to Request a Flexible Work Arrangement'.


You can brand this Toolkit as your own and your existing flexibility content can be integrated to suit your organisation's needs.

Some of our clients include One Steel, Goldman Sachs JB Were, AstraZeneca, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, State Trustees, NSW Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Hunter Douglas, Clayton Utz and Australian Sports Commission.

Contact us to receive a tailored quote for your business.

  Parental Leave Program Toolkit  
    A step by step guide to creating a ‘stay in touch' program to engage and retain parents on leave.

Research and surveys have consistently identified that employers do not typically have a communication program in place for parental leavers, and this has the potential to negatively impact the retention rate of employees returning from parental leave.

This HR Toolkit is considered a must for organisations who want to engage and retain talented employees on parental leave. Use this step by step guide to build your own Parental Leave Program that is unique to your organisation.

Contact us to receive a tailored quote for your business.


  Lunchtime Learning for Employees & Managers  
    Employers can now choose from a range of 1-2 hour lunch and learn informal forums and seminars, delivered internally to employees and managers by professional experts in the fields of career and parenthood, work life balance, flexibility, child care, ageing workforce, retirement transition, financial planning and more.

Each session is designed in a cost and time effective way to support your employees’ and managers’ learning requirements. You can choose from 1 hour breakfast or lunch sessions to full day workshops as required. Employers can take advantage of complimentary value added services when booking a Forum or Seminar.

  Coaching Certificates for Working Parents  
    Purchase coaching certificates for your employees as part of a working parents program. They can talk to a working parent expert on life as a parent, returning to work, managing work and family demands, finding childcare, and more. Coaching sessions are invoiced per session - businesses are not required to purchase bulk coaching sessions upfront.


  The Priority Planner – $14.95 inc GST  
    Stylish & time saving Planners and Organisers designed specifically for working and Busy parents!
This powerful tool will help you master the skills of prioritising well ensuring that important tasks are completed on time reducing stress & last minute rushing, and urgent tasks are handled appropriately and resolved quickly.  Achieve your goals and increase your sense of self satisfaction and well being.... Order this essential tool today!

Imagine organising your hectic schedule and leaving the house without forgetting your children's lunch, money for excursions or notes to teachers... handover to your babysitter thoroughly in less than two minutes...  and better delegate tasks to your partner!   The time and memory space savings are enormous!

Designed by our products are unique because they remember the little details so you don't have to... focus on the important tasks so they always get done, are functional and practical, and help you get organised, achieve more and control your valuable time.  Take a look at the Corporate Mums range of planning tools today!


  The Real Baby Book you need at 3am - by Karen Miles  
    This book is for mums in the first year of motherhood. When it’s late at night and you’re caring for your baby, someone needs to care for you. The perfect bedside book, keep your copy next to the night light for support and inspiration when you need it most.

Being a mother can be tough, and we mostly do it alone. This book helps you with every mother’s concerns about:

  • self doubt
  • overwhelm
  • guilty feelings
  • and your transition into motherhood

The perfect gift for you - and every mother.
The perfect corporate gift for maternity leave employees.


  Hanging by a Thread - 12 strategies for staying sane in the first year of motherhood
- by Dr Mataji Kennedy - $19.95
    This little book is for new mums who are transitioning from work into motherhood, and who are finding the transition difficult or who are suffering from postnatal depression. It has 12 simple tips for taking care of yourself.

Motherhood is not an innate ability, but rather is a set of learnt skills, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Hanging by a Thread is written by Dr Mataji Kennedy, a clinical psychologist who specialises in helping new mums adjust to motherhood and who has also experienced postnatal depression first hand.  It is written in bite size chapters so you can read it when you have a spare moment and it contains simple, common sense strategies and stories of other mums who have been through it.



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